Asylum Artists

The name might suggest a madhouse, but look closer and you’ll see that Asylum Artists is a finely tuned production studio where Still, Motion and CG imagery combine to achieve visual alchemy.

Challenge: To spotlight the services of Asylum while highlighting the union of photography and motion picture. Showcase how Asylum Artists is the first of its kind to merge motion and still production under one roof, achieving superior efficiency and innovation in digital production.

Solution: The design of a website allowed the user to view imagery in multiple formats, creating a friendly user experience, accompanied by a clean and simple navigation allowing quick access to Asylum’s portfolio of services.

- Website

"We were looking for a fresh new look, feel and functionality to the Asylum Artists website. Not only did Chris research our competition, but also based on that research he was able to bring my team up to speed. 

With a clear understanding of the latest innovations in design and technology, Chris guided us through each step of the process. Chris is a conceptual thinker with a keen aesthetic sense. He managed every aspect of the project from the initial design right through to the final functionality of the site. A finely honed design sense coupled with a good nature and attention to detail makes Chris a pleasure to work with."

Don Dixon
Asylum Artists

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