Climate Symposium

Satellite observations have been critically important for monitoring and understanding the Earth’s climate system over the past decades.

The main goal of the Climate Symposium is to provide a forum for discussing the current state of climate science and climate observations in order to evaluate recent achievements, ascertain critical objectives to be achieved with satellite-based climate information, and identify gaps in the current space-based climate observing system.

Challenge: To develop a brand for the symposium that captured the essence of the conference and gave focus to the fact that the science and satellite communities were coming together to get a better understanding of what is needed for the future observation of our Earth’s climate system. The branding also needed to build a sense of excitement and positive change for the participants and organisers.

Solution: A distinct new identity reinforcing the monitoring of our planet by the science and space communities. The simple visual style was easily adaptable to the various collateral needed during the conference. 

The website functionality needed to allow scientists from around the world who are attending the conference the capability to, register payment, make travel and hotel arrangements and upload and download key scientific documents in advance of the conference. The result was a robust user web experience.

The Climate Symposium was an enormous success. 500 participants from 50 countries attended including more that 100 early career scientists and students. These participants contributed significantly to its overall success by their high quality presentations and participation in lively discussions.

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