EUMETSAT is a global operational satellite agency at the heart of Europe. It’s mission is to gather accurate and reliable satellite data on weather, climate and the environment around the clock, and to deliver this data to a total of 31 member and cooperating states throughout Europe, as well as international partners and other worldwide users.

Challenge: Over the years EUMETSAT continues to grow and is now an organisation with a global reputation for the quality of its operations and data. The overall EUMETSAT brand however was not in line with this growing reputation and needed to be reviewed and repositioned.

Solution: Starting with an internal review of the current positioning, we worked with the EUMETSAT communication team in creating a brand matrix system that would accommodate and achieve clarity for employees and to also support the changing nature of their business.

This matrix put in motion a creative strategy to position a strong, consistent, international look and feel for all their communication material both internally and externally.

The first step was the review of the dated EUMETSAT logo. This was followed by clear and informative identity guidelines to support the new implementation of the EUMETSAT brand.

Successful implementation of the new identity included use of the logo for the fairing of satellite launchers to corporate brochures, to the redesign of the organization's website ensuring brand consistency.

The new brand guidelines have also been successfully used and interpreted by external suppliers for services such as local and global events and exhibitions.

- Branding
- Visual Identity
- Print
- Promotion
- Exhibition
- Signage
- Website
- Video
- Environmental

"Not only does Chris bring additional insight and a creative approach to the EUMETSAT brand strategy, but his wealth of international experience and unwavering energy and passion for delivering the best result is something money can’t buy. He has a great ability to look at the bigger picture and make sure what we do works with our overall strategic goals."

Stephen Killick
Graphic Design and Publications Coordinator
Communication and Information Services Division

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