EUMETSAT is a global operational satellite agency at the heart of Europe. It’s mission is to gather accurate and reliable satellite data on weather, climate and the environment around the clock, and to deliver this data to a total of 31 member and cooperating states throughout Europe, as well as international partners and other worldwide users. This is achieved through constant satellite surveillance of our planet with the ability to scan the earth in fifteen minutes.

In June 2016, EUMETSAT celebrated their 30th anniversary with the participation of high-level officials from its member states, plus the World Meteorological Organisation, the European Union, the European Space Agency and other international partners.

EUMETSAT wanted to develop a platform to tell their story and to present the extensive benefits they offer to our communities by highlighting the important part they play in monitoring and delivering accurate, reliable weather and climate satellite data world wide.

Challenge: O’Shaughnessy Creative was commissioned to develop a brand communication campaign that would create excitement and visually capture the essence of EUMETSAT’s 30-year weather and climate monitoring, while better positioning the organisation for future success.

Solution: Working closely with the EUMETSAT communications department we collaborated on a series of brainstorming sessions to capture the brand positioning that became the launch pad for all the anniversary communications. The ‘evolution’ theme was supported by a 30th Anniversary logo and a series of branded initiatives, which positioned the core messaging across a variety of media. Each of these touch-points gave a sense of excitement by visually telling the EUMETSAT story.

The overall creative created tremendous excitement within the organization, and in turn strengthened the alignment between employees and management. The communications gave visiting scientists and dignitaries a platform to understand and explore the past, present and future position of EUMETSAT in global climate monitoring.

The final outcome raised awareness of the benefits delivered by EUMETSAT to its members/users while also highlighting a sense of achievement and positive change for employees through their experiences, incredible achievements and success stories.

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