Saucon Technologies

Saucon is one of North America’s leading providers of bus transportation fleet-management technologies. The company develops leading-edge solutions that dramatically improve asset management, and the overall operator and passenger experience. 10,000 buses today utilize the Saucon TDS solution. The company’s intuitive
transportation-mangement GPS-driven platform provides a full suite of cloud-based software, hardware
and analytics tools designed for today’s passenger transportation industry.

Challenge: Saucon engaged O’Shaughnessy Creative to leverage their client and passenger insights, translating the company’s core business ethos into a unique and meaningful brand experience in the online environment. 

Result: It became obvious at a very early stage that the Saucon team were a dedicated group of professionals who had spent their entire careers deeply committed to “all things bus”. The company had a long and established history of converting client issues into innovative and measurable solutions.

O’Shaughnessy Creative worked closely with the Saucon team to develop a language that spoke directly to the client needs within each industry segment (motorcoach, public transit and education), in an empathetic and assuring tone.

We deployed this messaging first online with the launch of a bespoke website which is responsive (flexible) and extendable (adaptable), and can be maintained in-house by the Saucon team (CMS). The company’s new brand strategy effectively positions Saucon as the category leader, with a means to grow and evolve as they continue to shape the future of bus transportation intelligence.

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