University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a leading academic institution and a public research university in the city
of Toronto. The University of Toronto - indeed, is a leading Canadian landmark. The name alone represents excellence in education and research, but is also recognized as a Canadian brand.

Challenge: Redeveloping the visual identity of such an established brand was always going to be a sensitive and challenging experience. In recent years, the visual identity has been encumbered by a dizzying array of word mark designs and crest variations - over 100 on our initial count. As a result, the visual messages were confusing and inconsistent.

In support of the new identity we also needed to develop compelling communication material for the University’s Alumni. An association dedicated to actively supporting the University in achieving its goals through advocacy, communication and strategic advice. The UTAA represents more than 400,000 living graduates and operates through a Board of Directors comprised of 12 directors.

Solution: At first glance a modernization of the existing crest and typeface was needed. But through the design development it became quite obvious that it was essential for the university to retain its 'gravitas'.

The result was a university visual identity guideline, which provided a clear and precise framework that allowed all three-university campuses to move forward with a consistent and coordinated visual identity.

The vibrant, exciting and multicultural world was created that represented the diversity of its students, faculty and staff. A flexible design that worked on many levels and divisions that makes up Alumni. A variety of media was created including press and magazine ads, websites, e-newsletters, invitations, and kiosks along with pop up banner displays. Detailed but adaptable templates were created for all media, which could be easily maintained in house by the university team.

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